Interstellar Marine – Play It for Free until February 16th

Zero Point Software today announced their Early Access title, Interstellar Marines, is available to all Steam users to play for free from Feb 9th until Feb 16th. To play Interstellar Marines during the free week simply open up Steam, go to your Game Library and install. The game is available in Windows, Mac and Linux versions and is free to install and play until February 16th.

Kim Haar Jorgensen, Creative Director of Interstellar Marines, said:

“Interstellar Marines is at the stage where we want to invite people in to try it out and investigate the universe we are building. Having a free week on Steam ensures we can do that with the widest possible audience. We’re really proud of how far we’ve reached, and we think Interstellar Marines is at the perfect stage to ask the wider gaming community to come and have a look.

Recently we’ve added a huge amount of new features and content. For example last week’s update included many community-requested features, it greatly enhanced tactical movement and also introduced a brand new tutorial level. Over the last six months we have made substantial additions to Interstellar Marines, such as adding co-op, releasing many new missions and introducing three new game modes.”

During the free week Interstellar Marines is also on sale with a special 66% discount on the Steam store.

Zero Point Software have also announced they will be spending the next several months working on a large update to Interstellar Marines.

Paul Allen, Producer, added:

“Hell Week is part of your training as an Interstellar Marine, and consists of a trial where you face off against up to 63 other aspirants in several interlinked, AI-controlled artificial arenas. Weaker players are removed from the game by AI SARA, leaving only the strongest to fight it out. You have to rely on your tactical acumen, wits and drive to succeed to make it through a Hell Week. If you manage it though, the rewards are enormous.”