Intel Extreme Masters World Championship: Day 1

Intel Extreme Masters tournament has already started, and so far we have seen 4 very interesting  matches. Unfortunately I missed the first and second matches so I cannot report on those directly, but the results were as follows.

FanTaSy 3 – Rain 0

Dark 3 – TaeJa 1

The third match-up was Hydra and Zest. Hydra led the game for 2 rounds, but Zest came back for a 3 map win. Hydra looked like he was going to 3-0 Zest in the beginning because Zest was playing too offensively, but after he switched strategies he raked it in for the win.

The fourth match-up for ESL Live has two of the best players in the game Life and INnoVation. It is always interesting to watch a Terran Zerg match-up. Life and INnoVation traded hits throughout the entirety of the match trading off maps wins as well, but with INnoVation pulling the win.

The schedule for tomorrow is:

Maru vs Patience @ 0800 h GMT -5

BByong vs Solar  @ ~0945 h GMT -5

hero vs Cure @ ~1115 h GMT -5

Flash vs Trap @ ~1315 h GMT -5

I will be reporting on the matches tomorrow as well as embedding the Stream so you can watch it all here. For the time being, you can enjoy Day 1’s matches below