Insurgency: Sandstorm The Frontline Update available for download, adds new map & game mode

New World Interactive has released a brand new update for Insurgency: Sandstorm. The Frontline Update brings a host of new features dedicated to streamlining matchmaking and offering fresh content on a weekly basis. The two defining features of this update are Frontline and Hillside. Frontline is an intense tug-of-war style PvP mode. On the other hand, Hillside is a reimagining of the classic Insurgency map ‘Sinjar’.

In the new PvP mode, Frontline, teams must capture all enemy objectives one by one, before destroying the final weapon cache objective to win, whilst at the same time protecting their own objectives. Each match becomes a large-scale, simultaneous attack-and-defend battle, with fire support, vehicles, and teams battling it out for objectives that award respawns for their team.

Hillside is the latest map, a reimagining of the classic Insurgency: Source and Insurgency mod map ‘Sinjar’. However, this time the map features a new snow environment. Hillside is joined by two Galil LMG-variant assault rifles; a new 3x scope for the QBZ-03, and a batch of winter cosmetics for both Insurgents and Security factions. All this content and much more is playable across all maps and game modes.

The new map and game mode arrive with numerous bug fixes and quality of life changes. These include a complete overhaul of the Play menu and official matchmaking. Furthermore, the patch introduces limited time weekly playlists featuring “mutated” game modes with tweaked gameplay with everything from bolt-action rifles only to health stealing.

Have fun!