INSOMNIA: The Ark is a dystopian story-driven sci-fi RPG, first screenshots

HeroCraft and Studio Mono have released the first screenshots and a new trailer for their upcoming dystopian sci-fi RPG, INSOMNIA: The Ark. INSOMNIA: The Ark will release later in 2018 and this new trailer showcases the game’s arresting dieselpunk world and the progress that has been made since its successful Kickstarter campaign.

INSOMNIA: The Ark is described as a complex story-driven RPG that takes place on a colossal space metropolis brimming with the secrets of a long-gone civilization. The world is populated by the descents of a once powerful race called Nomah, who abandoned their home planet ablazed by war.

Players will be able to develop their character, explore handcrafted locations, interact with peculiar NPCs and factions all in a rich and atmospheric universe.

Anatoly Nekrasov, CEO and Lead Developer of Studio Mono, said:

“It’s our first project, our beloved child. We’ve been developing INSOMNIA for nine years, and finally we’re almost there! We’re delighted to present the game to our biggest fans from Kickstarter. The game has been altered several times, we’ve changed concepts, plot and mechanics, but we’ve attempted to save the unique visual style and deep dystopian atmosphere.”


INSOMNIA: The Ark - Dystopian World Trailer