Indie game ‘A Valley Without Wind’ hits Steam on April 23rd

You really feel great when an indie game that you’ve covering for a long time gets finally a release date. Arcen Games announced today that A Valley Without Wind, their upcoming co-op 2D sidescroller of near-infinite proportions, will be on display at PAX East April 6-8 in Boston and will be released this April on Valve’s distribution service. Arcen Games has also revealed that AVWW 1.0 will coincide with the title’s Steam release on April 23.
AVWW has heavily evolved since Arcen began openly developing it back in January 2011; with elements of platforming, puzzle, shump, strategy, and other genres streamlined into the core game mechanics. The world of Environ is truly alive and now bursting with missions, mysteries, and so much more.
Keep an eye on it you indie fans!
A Valley Without Wind Beta Phase 3 Trailer