id Software will remove the loot boxes from Quake Champions

id Software has announced that it will be removing the controversial loot boxes from Quake Champions. The development team will be replacing these loot boxes with a clearer champion progression system, streamlined economy, and a premium battle pass.

As community manager Andre Carlos said:

“In our December update, we’re going to completely change the economy, introduce a new way for players to level up, unlock super cool rewards just by playing the game and completing daily and weekly challenges. We’re taking randomness out of rewards, in-game currency will be truly meaningful and with the new free rewards system and exclusive premium rewards, you’ll have more stuff to earn.”

Players will be able to earn XP to unlock new rewards simply by playing Quake Champions, and they can earn bonus XP by completing Daily and Weekly Challenges.

According to the official FAQ, players now have complete choice over which Champion they want to earn cosmetic rewards for—and a clear path to see when each reward unlocks. As players earn Shards by completing certain Weekly Challenges, they can use those Shards to unlock new items for the Champions of their choice in a linear unlock system. Each Shard will unlock 1 Champion-specific item.

It will be interesting to see whether these changes will bring new life to this arena shooter!

Quake Champions Developer Diary: Economy Update and Battle Pass!