Homeworld 3 announcement at this year’s Gamescom?

Now here is something really interesting. Danny Bilson, Executive Vice President of Core Games, revealed that a big announcement will be revealed at this year’s GamesCom. On top of that, Bilson provided some juicy hints, indicating that it would be about an unannounced space game. Now put together this with the close relationship between Relic and THQ and what do you get? That’s right. A possible Homeworld 3 announcement.
Danny Bilson said to Eurogamer:
“I can say that crowd, those hundreds of thousands of people, in that space at that time, this one’s built to announce at that place. I’ll say that. That’s my clue.”
For the time being, take this with a grain of salt. Although there are indications for a Homeworld 3 announcement, THQ might come up with something else. A new IP perhaps? Who knows. So stay tuned for more during GamesCom.