Hitman new screenshot 7

HITMAN – DirectX 12 Mode Is Unstable, Causes Crashes

HITMAN has just been released on the PC. And while the game shipped with support for DX12, this particular path is currently bugged.

The funny thing here is that the press build of the game ran without problems under DX12. However, this build was updated to the final release, which is constantly crashing under DX12.

These past few hours we’ve been unable to run the game under DX12. We’ve tried all available options, however we were unable to prevent the game from crashing.

For what is worth, the game does not crash under DX11.

And we are not the only ones experiencing this issue. As we can see, there are already a lot of users that are experiencing crashes when DX12 is enabled.

We can also confirm that there is performance difference between DX11 and DX12, but more on this in our upcoming PC Performance Analysis.

For the time being, avoid the game’s DX12 path as it’s bugged!