Hitman: Absolution – Contracts Mode Available To All Owners For Free

Hitman: Absolution was bashed from various PC gaming portals/magazines (RockPaperShotgun and PCGamer are two of them). Seems, however, that Square Enix is trying its best to tempt everyone into actually getting this new Hitman game, by completely removing the online pass requirement for the game’s Contracts mode. This means that Contracts will be available to all owners of Hitman: Absolution for free.
In case you were unaware of, in Contracts players get to create their own customised hits and challenge their friends to beat them. This mode has a huge potential, and could very well be the best mode of Hitman: Absolution – provided gamers take advantage of it and offer clever challenges.
Although this was a mode that would definitely attract a lot of gamers, Square Enix decided to ‘lock’ it via online pass. Thankfully though, the publisher decided to backtrack and as it stated in Hitman: Absolution’s official Tumblr page, this mode will be free to all owners of the game.
“We’d actually planned to have this mode accessible via a code in the game’s box, but we really want to make it available to anybody that plays the game – so we want to take a new approach.”
North American gamers will see this mode immediately in their main menu, whereas European gamers will be able to either redeem their codes (codes featured in their boxes) or select the ‘Buy Contracts Pass’ option. This mode is free so don’t worry about the ‘buy’ thing; you won’t be charged for getting it.
Hitman: Absolution will be hitting stores tomorrow in Europe!