Hilarious Fifa 12 PC Impact Engine Videos

Impact Engine is one of the most crucial features of Fifa 12 but like most things, it doesn’t always work as good as you’d hoped to.¬†Although it is way better than anything we’ve seen so far and has lots of potential… there are moments where the engine just doesn’t cut it. It definitely needs more tweaking and we hope that EA will actually have it fixed in the final build. PC gamers have experienced some hilarious moments and posted a lot of videos at EA’s official forum so here are most of them. They are great and will make you laugh hard. Enjoy them!
Fifa 12 Demo - Keeper Picks Up Ibrahimovic (Original)

FIFA 12 Demo - Impact Engine - Fabregas Helicopter

Collision engine fifa 12

Fifa 12 collision engine

FIFA 12 Impact Engine Fail

FIFA 12 | Crazy Glitch | WTF Bender!?!?

FIFA 12 | Lescott Back Flip