Highlander and Gladiator Class Added to For Honor Season 3

Now that season three is on it’s way Ubisoft have begun to discuss what they will be adding to the new season to change things up a bit. New Highlander and Gladiator classes, gear and maps are just some of the specialities in the coming August update.

Later this month Ubisoft will release the update for season three, this will include: the two new classes, two maps, new gear, legendary gear rating and a 1v1 tournament for players to test not only their luck but their skill as well.

For Honor: Season 3 – Highlander, Gladiator, Maps, Ranked Mode | Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

Ubisoft describe each of the new classes:

Highlander (Viking Hybrid) – Highlanders are patient heroes capable of switching between two different fighting forms. Their defensive form allows for counter-attacking and trading blows, while their offensive form empowers them to unleash their deadliest attacks at the expense of being able to block. Wielding the heaviest and longest sword in the game, the Highlander’s massive claymore gives them a deadly combination of strength and range.

Gladiator (Knight Assassin) – Wielding a trident and shield, Gladiators have made a living off of killing for sport, and now bring their ruthlessness and skill to war. Equipped with little armour, they can punch their opponents to create separation to set up attacks and stuns. Their larger stamina meter and reduced cool down times make them extremely agile and dangerous opponents.

Season Three: Grudge and Glory will release of the 15th of August to Season pass holders while all other players will sadly have to eagerly be waiting until the 22nd.

Source: Rock, Paper, Shotgun