Hideo Kojima: Fox Engine will be demonstrated in July, will miss E3

One of the most highly anticipated engines of this generation is definitely the Fox Engine from Konami. And since E3 is just around the corner, a lot of people were expecting to see this bad boy in action during the biggest gaming event, especially after Konami teasing that they had big things for this year’s E3. Unfortunately though, Fox Engine won’t be present at E3.
This comes straight from Hideo Kojima himself. In an interview in Paris with Yoji Shinkawa, Hideo revealed that his studio has been working on the Fox Engine for 2-3 years, and that he wants to demonstrate the engine in July, because that’s when the series will hit 25 years in Japan. In other words, Konami is working hard to have something to demonstrate their engine in July. And although Hideo confirmed that MG: Rising will be present at E3, he did not say anything about the Fox Engine.
Moreover, the July demonstration won’t have anything to do with the upcoming game that will be powered by this engine, Project Ogre. It will be just a tech demo to showcase the engine and nothing more.
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