Hi-Rez Studios and MANOWAR Announce Collaboration for Online Game SMITE

Hi-Rez Studios, independent developer of AAA free-to-play online games and MANOWAR, the band known worldwide for mythology-themed lyrics and an epic heavy metal sound, today confirmed their collaboration around the game SMITE. A new SMITE video was released featuring god vs. god gameplay footage set to the popular MANOWAR song, The Sons of Odin, and can be viewed below.
Hi-Rez Chief Operating Officer Todd Harris said:
“MANOWAR has a rich history in fantasy and mythology. We shared our vision for SMITE and decided to start with The Sons of Odin track with more music to come, including original compositions by Joey DeMaio and MANOWAR.”
The online game SMITE began Closed Beta testing in June and has already surpassed 500,000 player downloads within the first three months.
MANOWAR, the world record holder for both loudest and longest live heavy metal performances, has sold over nine million records to date and boasts a passionate fan-base known as the “Army of the Immortals” and “Manowarriors”.
MANOWAR founder and bassist, composer and producer Joey DeMaio added:
“We are very excited about this collaboration. Metal fans and gamers have a lot in common and SMITE in particular totally connects with our music. We are looking forward to uniting SMITE gamers and Manowarriors all over the world.”
The game SMITE is currently in Beta and will release in Q1 2013. Within SMITE, players choose from a selection of gods, join session based 5 versus 5 arena combat, and use custom powers and team tactics against other players and minions. SMITE is free-to-play and is a digital download for the PC. Players interested in joining the SMITE Closed Beta can register for an invitation at its official website.
Smite - Battleground of the Gods - MANOWAR - The Sons of Odin