Hellgate launches on PlayRohan portal

YNK Interactive announced the release of T3’s action RPG, Hellgate, on the new PlayRohan portal. Hellgate is an action RPG in first or third person perspective available to play online and there are six different classes to choose from to battle solo or in a party. Open registration for Hellgate has already begun so make sure to register here.
Mariness Didulo, Marketing Manager of YNK Interactive said:
“The long awaited release of Hellgate is a great addition to our game list, which will take our new portal to its projected heights. Hellgate, R.O.H.A.N, Seal, and K.O.S. accessible in one place, will surely satisfy any gamer’s appetite for a fun online gaming experience.”
In Hellgate, players combat monsters for the survival of the human race in a futuristic and gory environment.  There is also a player-vs.-player mode if players prefer battling one another in settings like Death Match mode in the Dual Area, where players fight opposing teams for PvP points that are redeemable for in-game items like pets and accessories.  Players are also able to dismantle unwanted armor and weapons for scrap metal, while enhancing weapons with upgrades and relics.
In the new PlayRohan Portal, players will be able to login and use the same RP currency throughout all offered games, including R.O.H.A.N.: Blood Feud and Hellgate.  The re-launch of the action First Person Shooter game, K.O.S.-Secret Operations, and the update of the Anime MMORPG, Seal Online: Eternal Destiny, will be released in the PlayRohan Portal on August 23, 2011.
Open registration for Hellgate begins August 1, 2011 on the new PlayRohan portal.  Current R.O.H.A.N.: Blood Feud players will automatically be registered for Hellgate.  All gamers are invited to enter the gates of hell for a chance to receive exclusive prizes from the launch events.  Conversion discounts applied for the first two weeks and 10% off on RP purchases from Playspan’s Ultimate Points all throughout August.