Haunting film noir game, Dollhouse, to be released by SOEDESCO

SOEDESCO has announced that it will now be taking care of the digital PC version of the upcoming haunting film noir game, Dollhouse. In order to celebrate this announcement, the publisher has released some screenshots and a video announcing this partnership with Creazn Studio.

Hans van Brakel, executive manager at SOEDESCO, said:

“We have been working with Creazn on Dollhouse for quite a while, and we’re pleased to now become more deeply involved in this amazing project.”

In the video, project manager Andrew Tsan gives assurance that Creazn Studionever stopped working hard on getting Dollhouse ready for release. He also explains the benefits of outsourcing the digital publishing to SOEDESCO:

“This means that we can focus more on actual development and can offer a clearer timeline for when the game should be finished. It also gives us the opportunity to communicate with you guys a lot better.”

Here are also the key features of Dollhouse:

  • Escape your pursuer as you decipher the eerie story of your past in Singleplayer
  • Customize and upgrade your character with 40+ Abilities and Passives
  • Scan the environment and see through the eyes of your pursuer
  • Creep through procedurally generated maps, no restart is the same in any game mode
  • Murder wisely in competitive online Multiplayer where each player has a different target
  • Deepen your fears with 14 playable characters in Multiplayer, each with a unique story  

Dollhouse: Personal Message from Developer