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Halo: The Master Chief Collection public flighting to likely begin after E3 2019

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is a collection that a lot of PC gamers are looking forward. However, it appears that its first public flighting will not be happening soon. According to 343 Industries’ ske7ch343, the first public flighting will most likely begin after E3 2019.

“Currently it doesn’t look like public flighting will begin prior to E3. The team has made a lot of progress on a number of areas but everything is just taking time (in some cases longer than initially anticipated).”

ske7ch343 claimed that, in retrospect, it would make more sense to announce the PC version at E3. 343 Industries had plans and estimates and goals as well as a need to get the word out so it could allow ample time to build up a Halo Insider program, however it appears that PC development took more time than anticipated.

“Sure, if we could go back in time, knowing what we know now, we probably would’ve waited to make the announce. Heck, it would’ve made a cool announce for E3, yeah? But at the time, we had plans and estimates and goals – including a need to get the word out so we could allow ample time to build up a Halo Insider program. We all expected flighting to have started by now but unfortunately some areas of development have proven to be more time consuming than anticipated. Flighting MCC on PC has zero overlap and nothing in common with developing Halo Infinite. In fact, I’d argue it’s more challenging dealing with decades old game code with multiple intertwined titles and systems than building a new experience on top of a new custom designed engine and toolset.”

Bottom line is that PC gamers will have to wait a little bit more until they can get their first taste of Halo: MCC on the PC. From what we know so far, the PC version will feature robust action mapping options, great mouse/keyboard input across the entire game, low input latency by leveraging raw input and latency validation via slow motion cameras and support for a broad set of mouse and gameplay options.

Moreover, PC gamers can expect support for FOV sliders (to the extent each game can realistically support), updated UI controls, robust video and game options, text chat, as well as support for 4K resolutions, GSync/Freesync monitors and high refresh rates.

Stay tuned for more!