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Halo Combat Evolved PC Fan Remake available for download, features high-quality textures and more

Halo fans, here is something truly special for you today. A team of modders has been working on a fan remake of the first Halo PC game, called Halo Combat Evolved Refined. According to the development team, the Refined project is an attempt to smooth all those wrinkles and provide a port that even die-hard Halo purists will be happy with.

As the developers stated, everything that was possible to fix has been addressed. Things that were once considered impossible to restore, have been restored using clever workarounds. Many high-fidelity textures and a high resolution HUD have replaced the original compressed versions.

Now while this isn’t as good as the MCC remake of the first Halo game, it definitely is better than the vanilla PC version that is currently available. So yeah, we strongly suggest downloading it if you are still playing Halo Combat Evolved.

In order to install Halo Combat Evolved Refined you’ll have to follow this guide:

Get Halo Custom Edition and install it (you need valid CD key though, hope you own Halo PC!) (http://hce.halomaps.org/?fid=410)
Patch it to 1.10 (https://www.bungie.net/en/Forums/Post/64943622)

Download the restoration single player maps and “UI map” (https://www.reddit.com/r/HaloCERefined/comments/9l9ujl/downloads/)
Place these into your [Halo CE location]\maps, including the UI.map, overwriting the old one.
(Ending vids aren’t necessary, if you get them, they go to game root folder.)

Get Chimera (https://opencarnage.net/index.php?/topic/6916-chimera-build-49/)
It is a single dll-file that goes into [Halo CE location]\controls.

Start the game, and open console (key should be the one left from 1), input following commands:
chimera_interpolate 9
chimera_fov_fix 1
chimera_vfov 55.41
chimera_uncap_cinematic 1

Have fun everyone!

Halo: Combat Evolved PC Restoration Trailer