Halo 2 HD Remake is a possibility – Halo Trilogy might appear on Xbox 720

Great news for Halo fans, as Microsoft seems interested in bringing forward another new HD remake of this legendary franchise. As you might have guessed, Halo 2 might get a HD remake. That is according to Microsoft Games Studios VP , Phil Spencer, who hinted during his interview with IGN that Halo 2 HD is a possibility.
When asked if Microsoft would be doing more HD remakes of original Xbox titles, Spencer said:
“Obviously Halo 2 is one that we’ve talked about. I wouldn’t say this is a strategy for us to go back and remake Xbox 1 games. This was the 10th Anniversary of Halo so it made sense. We don’t really have a “remasters” program that we’re kicking off with this launch. There are obviously some great Xbox 1 games that would be nice to see, but we’ve focused most of our resources on creating new things. I’m not putting it in or out of bounds right now, though.”
Pretty interesting, although we’d prefer for a trilogy HD collection of the first three Halo games. That would be more appropriate, right?
In other news, during its interview Spencer hinted that the new Halo trilogy that was announced during this year’s E3 might appear on Xbox 720. When asked whether the whole trilogy will be released exclusively on X360, Spencer said:
“No announcement on that yet.”
And let the buzz begin!