Half Life 3 Website Might Be Valid; HTML Code Reveals Some New Hints

You’ve heard that a HL3 website went live, right? And most of you are wondering whether this website is valid or not. At first glance, this site seems bogus as a whois shows that the Corporation owning this site is not Valve but hold your horses everyone. Why? Because Network Solutions was the exact same company Valve used when sending out hints regarding Portal in 2006.
As we can see from a whois lookup in black-aperture:
care of Network Solutions
PO Box 459
Drums, PA 18222
And here is a whois lookup in aperturescience that was used from Valve to hint Portal back in 2006:
care of Network Solutions
PO Box 459
Drums, PA 18222
This is something really interesting, as most of us, that doubted this site’s validation, based our claims on its whois lookup. So, if the company has already worked with Valve – which is a fact now – then they could obviously be working again in teasing and hinting towards a new Valve title, right?
And here come the new hints. The site is titled with a “Status: Mark 7” message, which basically hints to Half-Life’s suit. Fair enough, this hint was for quite some time available and you’ve probably already seen it. However a quick look at the website’s HTML code reveals some new hints:
“<meta name=”Status: Mark 7″ content=”2012“>” 
At the meta name column of the HTML code, the website’s content is equal to ‘2012’ and the color of the background that was used was ‘#000003’. As you can see by visiting the website, the background color is black. Black, which means that the default code is ‘#000000’ and not ‘#000003’. In other words, this was made intentionally.
Could this all just be trolling? Sure it could. Could these indications, on the other hand, hint at a 2012 reveal? Most probably. It’s a fact that everyone can interpret these findings differently. It’s also a fact that these latest findings prove that there might be some credibility behind the black-aperture website.
As always though, take everything you’ve just read with a grain of salt. Be sure to check out our opinion about Valve’s response to the recent HL3 rumors!
Some websites have linked us about this story, so we feel the need to elaborate on Black-Aperture’s domain servers. As the whois lookup suggests, the domain servers are different from those of Valve’s. And let us ask you this; do you think that Valve is so stupid to come out and say that they are not developing a HL3 game, yet use their domain servers in a third-party website? If you’ve ever ‘played’ with the domain servers, you’ll already know that they can be easily changed after a while. So here is something else for you; wouldn’t it be possible that Valve is using other domain servers to cover their tracks? This is common sense guys and that’s what you should think in the first place.
As we’ve already said, this situation is 50-50. We are not saying that there will definitely be a HL3 game. Hell, even the title suggests that it MIGHT be valid. Not that it’s 100% valid. And make no mistake, we do want to believe Valve but before that, the company should explain all those hints that were given by themselves. It’s true, there are so many hints that we simply can’t pass by.
In other words; you want to believe that HL3 does not exist? Fine with us. You want to believe that there will definitely be a HL3 game? Sure, go ahead. Our advise? Just keep an open mind and think outside the box for just a second. That’s all!

John Papadopoulos

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