Half-Life 2: Wars – Beta 2.0.8 Released

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I’ve got to tell you, modders are really crazy and full of wonderful ideas. Have you ever wondered what a strategy version of Half Life 2 would look like? Well, time to find out. Okay okay, we’ve got to admit that this project seems similar in concept with the Halo: Wars strategy game that was released a while back but still, it’s great seeing classic games in completely different genres.
According to its description, Half-Life 2: Wars brings the struggle between the human resistance and their Combine overlords to a real-time strategy setting. HLW has been in development since 2007 and last saw a public release. The Multiplayer Beta, which you can download here on Desura, requires Half-Life 2: Episode 2 to play! It features 3 game modes: Sandbox, Annihilation and Overrun, showcasing the Rebels and Combine playable factions.
The team behind it has released an update for it that adds a new map, hlw_base4, which is a large 4 player map in the Alien Swarm style. It also introduces a lot of bug fixes, some graphical tweaks, and more balancing changes.
Those interested can download Half-Life 2: Wars from here.
And here is the complete changelog for this update!
* Rebel/Combine soldier AR2/SG upgrade now requires the Munition Depot/Armory. Removed unlock upgrade abilities.
* Reduced costs Rebel Medic from 4 req & 2 scrap to 2 req & 1 scrap
* Reduced research time of Rebel Medic upgrades from 150 to 80 seconds
* Reduced provided population of Headquarter buildings from 20 to 10
* First Combine population upgrade now increases the pop by 10, second by 25 and third by 40 (costs resp. 10, 15 and 25)
* Reduced DPS hunter from 18 to 12, and burst size from 10 to 8
* Capture progress of control points is no longer directly lost
* Combine Armory and Rebel barracks now have progress animations/particle effects while producing something
* NEW: hlw_base4
* Updated: hlw_meltdown
* Updated move order particle effect
* Units can now be removed from the selection by right clicking the unit in the units panel
* Combine Hud: added combine themed control group button texture
* Info/tooltip box now shows the population an upgrade (Combine) or building (headquarters, billet) provides
* Units can now be removed from the selection by right clicking the unit button in the hud
* Updated Combine Armory (visuals + construction, destruction and working animations)
* Updated Rebels Barrack (visuals + construction, destruction and working animations)
* Combine Shotgunner now uses the alternative EP2 skin
CPU Player:
* Combine CPU builds less power generators now
* Hunters incorrectly dealing too high damage
* Player can no longer select scrap carried by Rebel Engineers
* Incorrect Manhack model angles
* HUD abilities panel not being updated directly when clicking an unit in the units panel
* Dissolving units being able to still shoot and fight
* Kills not being displayed in hud of single selected units
* Improved hiding/cover spot detection speed when there are many navigation areas
CPU Player:
* Combine CPU Player now builds less power generators
* Added nav mesh edit commands “nav_coverspot_create” and “nav_coverspot_delete”, to manually create and delete cover/hide spots
* Fixed several problems with mounting other games
* Added binding option for “kill_units” in the keyboard options (kills selected units)
* Added option “units_spread”, which makes the selected units spread. Can be bound in the keyboard options
* Added material for infected unit with better phong settings
* Updated CEF Library

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