Hack’n’slash FPS ‘Project Hell’ Announced; From The Developers Of Dead Island

Techland has revealed its latest project, called Project Hell. Project Hell started as an internal weapon mod for Dead Island, but quickly became something more than that. There is currently a small team inside Techland that is working on it, and a set of screenshots got released a couple of days ago. Project Hell is said to be a first person, hack n slash game, that is currently being developed exclusively for the PC.
According to the team, there might be an X360 or a PS3 version at a later date, but that depends on how the game is received.
Designer and project manager Marcin “Kruq” Kruczkiewicz said:
“Our main goal is to make a game we can all enjoy playing so don’t expect unicorns and fairies – we prefer breaking through hordes of undead minions only to slaughter their devilish and loathsome masters in a bloody boss-fight.”
The team has also revealed that there won’t be any Kickstarter campaign for it, meaning that we can expect Techland to fully fund this project.
Enjoy the first screenshots!