Guild Wars 2 – September 2014 Feature Pack Out Now

NCSOFT and ArenaNet today released their “September 2014 Feature Pack,” the second standalone Guild Wars 2 feature update. As the press release reads, this latest update introduces improvements to key features, a ‘new user’ experience, balance updates and much more.

Moreover – and contrary to other MMORPGs – all new content added to Guild Wars 2, including Feature Packs, is available to players free of charge and without a subscription fee.

Here are the key features of the September 2014 Feature Pack:

Wardrobe Updates
The April 2014 Feature Pack brought you the account Wardrobe, a system that made it easier than ever to clothing looks and dye colors across your entire account. Now, we’re expanding that feature with new categories: Use the Wardrobe to share miniatures across your entire account, equip miniatures, collect and select your Finishers, and more.

The New Trading Post
We’re introducing a brand-new Trading Post. The new Trading Post is much easier to navigate, meaning you can find, buy, and sell the items you need more quickly.

Collection Achievements
Our new Collections achievement category will reward you for amassing items from all over Tyria. Sample all of the ales in Guild Wars 2, stockpile trinkets, or add themed sets of gear to your Wardrobe – there are all sorts of ways for you to earn rewards like new Ascended accessories, a treasure chest for your home instance, and more.

World vs. World Updates
From Commander tag upgrades to the Siege Golem Mastery line and the new Siege Disabler Trick, we’re excited to see how the additions in this feature pack affect strategy and tactics in World vs. World. You can put all these changes to the test when the WvW Fall Tournament 2014 starts on Friday.

New Player Experience
We’ve gone back and taken a careful look at the experience of new players in the early levels of Guild Wars 2, and we’ve made some changes that will make the game easier to pick up and learn as you play.