Guild Wars 2 is currently in Closed Beta; Open Beta will start soon

Oh boy, Guild Wars 2 was supposed to be released in 2011 but guess what; it got delayed. And after countless of delays, there is finally light at the end of the tunnel. Although we don’t have any ETA, we do know that the game is currently in closed beta and NCSoft is currently planning for the open beta phase that will commence soon enough.
That was revealed in a recent interview of NeverMetPress with Guild Wars 2 Designer, Angel Leigh McCoy. When asked about the game’s release date, Angel said that although there is no ETA as of yet, the game is in closed beta and the open beta phase would start soon.
As Angel said:
“That last question is the big one, eh? And, I cannot answer it because I don’t know the answer. What I can tell you is that we’re currently in Closed Beta and planning has begun for an Open Beta.”
So, the open beta of Guild Wars 2 will definitely begin this year. Here is hoping that NCSoft will also manage to finish and release it in 2012!