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GRIT is a new wild west battle royale game, coming to PC in Spring 2021

Team GRIT has announced a new wild west battle royale game for PC, GRIT. In this game, explore the towns, oil fields and plains of the untamed west as they try to hitch a ride on the last man alive train.

Here are the game’s key features:

  • Wild West Royale. Saddle a trusty horse and venture across the frontier. Battle 99 other cowboys in solo, duo, and squad gunfights.
  • Perk System. Look for weapons that make all-in poker hands to gain special perks. Gather specific hands to craft different styles of play. There’s advantages and tradeoffs to be made depending on the cards you’re collecting – will you go all-in on gunslinging, focus on patching up your wounds after each skirmish, or find some other winning combination?
  • Ride Through the West. Bond with your horse, riding and controlling your trusty steed with multiple speeds. Feeling lazy? Use the equine beast o’ burden as extra inventory. Horses are a great way to stay mobile, escape the all consuming calamity storm, and fire on-the-go. If you’re feeling daring and have the gumption, steal your foe’s horse and ride like the wind.
  • Tools o’ the Trade. Over 20 weapons and a whole host of cowboy equipment are there to help you and yours to the top of the gunslinger rankings. Weapons are projectile-based, so you’ll need to be a crack shot, lead targets, and account for gravity.
  • All Aboard. Steal loot and a seat on the last train outta town. Take charge and use the locomotive to stay inside the battle royale ring.

GRIT will release on Steam Early Access in Spring 2021. According to the team, all the aforementioned features will be available in Early Access.

Below you can also find some screenshots, as well as a trailer!

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GRIT - Announce Trailer