Grim Dawn, action RPG from the creators of Titan Quest, has sold more than one million copies worldwide

Crate Entertainment announced today that Grim Dawn has now sold over one million copies on PC, plus over 200k copies of the Crucible arena mode DLC. In celebration of this milestone, Crate Entertainment has marked Grim Dawn 50% off through its website until the end of May.

The game is also currently 50% off through Humble Store, during their spring encore sale!

Crate Entertainment’s CEO, Arthur Bruno, said:

“It’s crazy to think that this success story somehow arose from such humble and uncertain beginnings, overcoming so many setbacks and challenges. I repeatedly questioned what I was doing those first three, hard years of development. Looking back, I think the only thing that kept me going on the bad days, was the responsibility I felt to see it through, for the people who had invested time in the project and those who supported us early on through our website. Even with that drive to see it through, no matter my doubts, the later support of thousands more backers on Kickstarter and Early Access, validated what we were doing and gave us a real shot at making the dream a reality.

It was still a long road and lot of sweat and tears, from the 2012 Kickstarter to our 2016 release but I had the great fortune to find amazing teammates who made that journey a lot easier and the game much better than it could have been otherwise. Much thanks must also go to my long-time friends “Rhis,” “Jmack” and Brian Parnell (now working on his own project Praey for the Gods) – without their early help; Grim Dawn may have never got off the ground.”

Since the release of Grim Dawn, the Crate team has grown to 14 developers. Crate Entertainment is now working to finish up the Grim Dawn expansion and has started some other projects as well.