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Gray Zone Warfare hits Steam Early Access tomorrow

MADFINGER Games has announced that its tactical MMO open-world FPS, Gray Zone Warfare, will hit Steam Early Access tomorrow. To celebrate this announcement, the team has also shared a new gameplay trailer that you can find below.

This trailer focuses mostly on influencers and YouTubers. So, that’s a yellow flag (at least for me). You see, a lot of influencers are trying to promote a game prior to its release. We’ve seen this even in awful games like Suicide Squad: KTJL or in games that had major performance issues, like Dragon’s Dogma 2. I get why the devs shared this type of trailer. Still, for a PC gamer who does not follow any influencer, this trailer will not make me buy the game.

Another thing to note is that the game will remain in Early Access for several years. Or at least that’s what the devs claim. And, as I’ve said numerous times, I’m against Early Access games.

Anyway, according to the devs, Gray Zone Warfare is a tactical FPS that will emphasize realism. Players will strategize and survive against human operators and AI enemies while uncovering the mystery of Lamang Island.

The Early Access version will have a realistic ballistic simulation that incorporates precise real-world values and authentic ballistics models. Players will also be able to customize their weapons.

Moreover, MADFINGER Games claims to have added a unique health system. This system will move away from the common concept of hitpoints to simulate the human body realistically. Each injury affects your perception and performance. Thus, mastering injury identification and finding appropriate solutions are crucial for survival and helping your teammates.

Finally, Gray Zone Warfare will have a 42km² map of the Democratic Republic of Lamang, a fictional Southeast Asian country inspired by the stunning landscapes of Laos, for you to explore.

Surprisingly enough, the devs haven’t shared any PC system requirements yet. Gray Zone Warfare is powered by Unreal Engine 5 and uses hardware-accelerated, ray-traced Lumen lighting. So, I don’t really know why there aren’t any PC specs for its Early Access phase. But hey, at least the devs detailed all the versions you can buy. Because that’s what’s important, right?

As with all Early Access games, we won’t have a PC Performance Analysis for it. However, if MADFINGER Games provides us with a key, we’ll share our initial PC tech impressions.

Stay tuned for more!

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