Gothic 3 Community Patch 1.75 Changelog Revealed; FXAA support, less stuttering, improved animations

Mad Vulture Games, descendants of the Community Patch Team for Gothic 3, have released the changelog of their upcoming 1.75 Unofficial Community Patch v1.75 for the third part of the Gothic series. This new update comes with dynamic shader caching to reduce stuttering, improved shadows quality, improved animations and Bloom / HDR effects, native support for FXAA, and texture adjustments. This update will be rolled out in the coming days and you can find below its entire changelog. Enjoy!
Gothic 3 Community Patch 1.75 Changelog:
+ The resource cache is not set (is always calculated individually).
+ Improved automatic determination of appropriate graphics settings.
+ When you first start playing automatically the desktop resolution is used.
+ Removed limit the screen aspect ratios.
+ Removed limit the screen refresh rate.
+ Written language via audio menu set.
+ The parameter “Render.DisableFocusNames” in ge3.ini switches now all marquee text in the game.
+ The font used in the game is now set via the ge3.ini.
+ Updated to newer version fmodex.
+ Dynamic shader caching to reduce stuttering.
– Fixed a timing problem on multi-core processors (can Timer.ThreadSafe in ge3.ini be switched on or off).
+ If a voice file is missing, then substitute subtitles automatically displayed, even if you have not activated the subtitle option.
– Fixed a guru in the summoning of magical fog during a close combat.
– Fixed a guru when watching without ResultItem recipes.
– If you get enough experience points to a shock for two level up, you go to actually two stages.
+ For modders: Now, some expanded Free Points can be used (“Ghosts”), which can be associated readme files.
– Fixed shadow problem that occurred from the Radeon 4000 series graphics cards.
+ The shadow quality has been improved.
+ Dynamic shadows hide now from a distance.
+ Add self-shadowing in the light calculation.
– Support for Shader 1.4 and 2.0 was removed.
+ Rim lighting, soft water and soft particles can not be turned off.
+ Rim lighting and subsurface scattering for NPCs installed.
+ Added Chromatic dispersion in water.
– When a weapon hits water, the water waves are no longer diagonal in the air.
– Closed many gaps between the head and body several NPCs mostly.
+ Changed Specular Blinn-Phong model of computation to Phong.
+ Several improved shader.
– Fixed lighting calculation error in the use of transformation scrolls.
+ Improved image noise.
+ Bloom / HDR improved.
– Adjusted for depth of field and soft-matter particles in contact with water surfaces.
+ FXAA implemented, it removes Edge Smoothing.
+ Corrected many textures, improved or expanded.
– Improved animations and the Gargoyles Sumpflurker.
– Animals and monsters collapse now, too, when the hero “assassinates”.
– All the arm shields worn clipping less now with the armor.
+ Improved random selection at Smalltalk blocks.
– NPCs will no longer be the hero, as he jumps straight.
+ The “story helper” now offers call options through which you can enclaves “calm” with “red NPCs” again (except Gotha and Ardea), and also dialogues in order to reduce the count for “liberated city”. Use at your own risk!
+ The “Stage Directions” (Click, what gestures to perform an NPC to which text) were moved from the string table in the Info files.
+ For modders: Adapted Info Type = “7” from Götterdämmerung.
+ For modders: New Info File Parameters “SuppressLog”.
+ For modders: New Information Commands “humanize”, “GiveAll”, “JoinPlayer”.
+ For modders: New Condition “CondPlayerPartyMember”.
+ For modders: Adapted New Quest Type “13” (spell-quests) of Götterdämmerung.
In-game menus
– Corrected height calculation when displaying quest log entries.
+ For modders: opportunity for Quest descriptions (Quest Description) installed.
Inventory related topics (trading, looting, etc.)
+ Gold deposits increased slightly from stores.
+ For modders: opportunity for non-random merchandise installed (gETreasureDistribution_Trade_NotRandom).
Integrated way that dealers can not sell quest items: + For modders.
Equipment (slot management)
+ The hero puts torch or staff do not want to leave when he eats fruits, meat, fish or bread.
+ For modders: instruction set in the instructions to Item Templates “Game Show Message” and “AddQuestLog” expanded.
+ For modders: New property added “Full Body” in Item_PS.
NPC positioning
– NPCs no longer stand the small talk in the other NPCs.
NPC navigation
– The hero can no longer come under lily pads.
– Invisible barriers removed on the stairs of the tower above Faring.
– Eliminated more reasons for moving NPCs.
– Companion of the hero are not violated by his AoE.
+ Defeated Arena opponent waking a little earlier from her faint as to other NPCs.
– Fixed a bug where the hero was sometimes attacked by animals, which he has previously charmed with the magic of “animal call”.
– Ice Golems now use a ranged attack the spell “Ice lance”.
– Dead NPCs can not be revived by using the “attack” commands in Info files.
+ Mummies hit a bit earlier, faster and more often than before.
– No more machine-gun attacks by Temple guards and ogres.
+ Spectators of a struggle now occasionally also give comments when the hero lands on his opponent a goal.
Unconsciousness and death
– Effect of the console commands “Kill” and “Defeat” corrected to animals and monsters.
– Burning or poisoned NPCs only die from the effects of fire or poison when they are hostile to the hero.
NPC behavior
+ When the hero opens a chest with a key that rain is not about the loot on NPCs.
– NPCs now react aggressively with PAL_Pirate animals and monsters.
– Animal companions do not mix more into foreign conflicts.
– When a waiting companion “fired” is not then it slides through the area.
Talents and spells
– You can “destroy evil” the spell is no longer wasted on unsuitable opponents.
+ For modders: The display on the HP, SP and MP Zuwaches at shrines is now based on TeachAttribValue the corresponding info file.
Interactive objects
– The hero can not go to sleep, open chests, sit down, sharpen weapons or use other interactive objects, while being attacked.
+ If the hero can not use an object that displays a message indicating which object is missing him for it.
+ When the hero in a chair or bench sets, it slowly regenerates life force.
+ For modders: The Lock-PS from the chests there is a new attribute KeyAmount. If you open the chest for several (identische!) key will be required, the number should be entered here.
+ For modders: Opening a chest can now be set to a game event (Interaction.ScriptUseFunc). This happens every time “use” of the object again. The same applies to the use of doors, anvils, grinding stones, cooking pots, camp fires, alchemy tables, digging sites, logs (saw), Orktrommeln, water barrels, thrones, stools, benches, water pipes and panels.
+ For modders: Even the attribute increase in reading racks wrought-book is now coupled to the AB switch.
Camera Topics
+ The camera is now in first-person mode a little above the head of the hero.
– Default button for “Take all” to plunder “Z” to “U”, as amended.
– The hero slips no longer on its own after it has involved an NPC while sneaking in a conversation.
– Failure removed where the hero of an action executed after you have clicked the “OK” button of the tutorial.
– You can not return a call while the speaker turns to the main menu.
+ Unconscious or dead NPCs and chests can be unlocked ransacked by right-clicking.
Only with AI switch:
+ Arena opponents have a higher attack rate.
+ With difficulty “hard” attack movements of Arena opponents are a bit faster.
– Fixed a bug where the difficulty in “light” could expire animal groups in the sprint mode.