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GOG GALAXY 2.0 gaming client now has official support and integration for Epic Games Store

GOG Galaxy 2.0 is a Steam-like service from CD Projekt, and the company today announced on Twitter that the GOG Galaxy 2.0 gaming client is getting official Epic Games Store/EGS integration. The GOG Galaxy 2.0 client allows you to manage all of your games in one place, regardless of where they were purchased, allowing you to browse, launch, and manage libraries in a single location.

Using an official plug-in, you can now have your Epic Games library show up in GOG Galaxy. Previously, GOG’s GALAXY 2.0 launcher only featured the Epic Games Store as an open-source, community integration. But now that Epic Games Store support is official, we should expect a more seamless experience between both the platforms, which means users no longer need to rely on community-built add-ons.

Simply put, GOG Galaxy Epic Games Store integration connects the two platforms together and allows you to launch Epic Games Store games directly from the GOG Galaxy. Here’s how you do it:

  • Click the ‘Settings’ gear in GOG Galaxy.
  • Head over to ‘Add Games & Friends’.
  • Select: ‘Connect Platforms’.
  • Press the ‘Connect’ button next to Epic Games Store, and then enter your EGS login credentials.
  • Once you’re done, your GOG Galaxy Epic Games Store integration should be complete!

This move makes the Epic Games Store the second storefront/library to be supported in Galaxy 2.0, following the official Xbox Live integration. We can even integrate Origin, PlayStation Network, Steam, and Uplay libraries, but this requires an unofficial community plug-in.

Steve Allison, General Manager of the Epic Games Store said. “It’s an important step towards breaking down walls between PC stores, as it enables a unified experience for players to manage their PC games library independent of where their games were purchased.”

“The new official integration is the latest addition to GOG GALAXY 2.0, which we’re constantly improving with features requested by gamers. One of the recently added was the ability to see all your gaming subscriptions in one place. It helps gamers to conveniently browse, install, and launch games from an overwhelming amount of titles available on each subscription.”

GOG’s Senior Vice President Oleg Klapovsky added, “We’re happy to add to GOG GALAXY 2.0 the official integration with Epic Games Store, which is the second most connected external platform in the app”. “Together with GOG.COM and Xbox Live, those official integrations are bringing a more seamless and reliable experience to gamers.”

GOG Galaxy 2.0 is available on Windows as a free download. You just need to make an account to access all the features and link your other accounts to this service. As of now, we don’t know when other official integrations will arrive next on GOG Galaxy 2.0, but CD Projekt is busy working on new features including a ‘games discovery’ feature that will let you follow all the upcoming releases, and discover games popular among your friends and the gaming community.

The official GOG Forum post and the developer press statement can also be viewed here.

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