GOG.com Introduces New Early Access Program, Offers 14-Day Refund Policy

GOG.com has unveiled its take on early access, featuring hand-picked games in development that are still being crafted and refined. Not only that, but GOG.com is also offering a 14-day refund policy, as well as the ability to rollback in a previous version of a game via the GOG Galaxy.

Piotr Karwowski, GOG.com Managing Director, said:

“Our goal has always been to offer a selection of titles that are both excellent and worth your time. Nowadays, we’re seeing more games that are already great experiences while still in development. We want all gamers on GOG.com to have access to what these titles have to offer, but we want to get it right, carefully evaluating each and every game, offering a 14-day refund policy, and providing GOG Galaxy support with update rollback and more.”

The first five games in development launch today, fully DRM-free, with launch discounts up to 40% off:

  • Starbound
  • Ashes of the Singularity
  • Project Zomboid
  • TerraTech
  • Curious Expeditions

Regarding the 14-day refund policy, here is what GOG.com had to say.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re having technical issues, if you don’t think the game is fleshed-out enough yet, or if it simply doesn’t click with you — all games in development can be returned for any reason.”

Morever, the optional GOG Galaxy client offers both automatic and manual updating, as well as the unique rollback feature.

Piotr Karwowski added:

“If a game update breaks something or introduces unwanted changes, GOG Galaxy lets you easily rollback to any previous version of your game while you wait for the fixes. As an added bonus, rollback actually stores historical snapshots throughout a game’s development – that means you can always revisit any point in the game’s history with a single click.”

The press release concludes that more titles will be released in the future, featuring a selection of the most promising games and those most highly requested on the GOG.com Community Wishlist.