Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Beta will begin this January

Fans of the latest, more action packed version of Ghost Recon will be delighted, as Ubisoft revealed via the official Ghost Recon Twitter channel that those who purchased Splinter Cell: Conviction will be the first ones to get access to Future Soldier’s Beta.
Ghost Recon Twitter reads:
“We know you have been asking about the beta. We’re excited to announce that the MP beta will be launching in January 2012!”
When gamers asked whether there would be a beta for both PS3 and X360, the company stated that it would be only for X360. Also, we don’t know if and when there will be a PC beta. Our guess is that there won’t, but we’ll try to get in touch with Ubisoft to find out.
Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is slated for a Q1 release on X360, PS3 and PC!