From Dust PC won’t require a permanent internet connection after all – Multiplayer Mode coming soon?

Earlier today we reported that the PC version of From Dust would require a permanent internet connection. Although we didn’t hear back from Ubisoft yet, VG247 reports that the game won’t use this intrusive always-online DRM. So those of you boycotting Ubisoft’s protection system will actually be able to enjoy this God game.
Ubisoft’s representative said to VG247:
“From Dust will not require a permanent online connection to play in single-player mode.”
Now here is the catch; the game doesn’t support any MP mode as of yet. So did this representative accidentally confirm the upcoming MP mode? Ubisoft has stated that they’d add a multiplayer mode provided the game was successful but never confirmed any plans for it. So this is the first time we get official words about From Dust’s MP mode. Either way, take this with a grain of salt.
From Dust is scheduled for an August 17th release on the PC.