Free-To-Play Space Combat MMO ‘Star Conflict’ Gets A New Patch

Gaijin Entertainment has released a new patch for its ‘gorgeous looking’ free-to-play space combat MMO game, Star Conflict. This patch adds a system for automatically generating and sending reports from crashed clients, introduces various rebalance tweaks, improves sound quality, tweaks the game’s user interface and fixes some bugs, which caused the game to crash. The update will be auto-downloaded next time you start the game, and you can view its complete changelog below. Those interested can give it a go by visiting its official website and downloading its client.
Star Conflict Patch v0.5.4 Changelog:
General changes
* Added a system for automatically generating and sending reports from crashed clients
Game balance: Total
* Lowered the level of difficulty for Training Mode
* Added preset flares to the starter kit ships
* In the hangar and in stock you can buy more extra space for ships and equipment
* Rare (forced, experimental) modules being for conventional loans
Game balance: Contracts and development
* Revised sizes of rewards for winning or losing in battle
* Increased the amount of reputation for taking part in the battle
* Increased the amount of reputation from the fulfillment of contracts, from 1.5 to 2 times, depending on the contract
* Update time is measured from the time the contract is completed
Game balance: Fight
* Substantially smoothed the difference in strength of ships and modules of different technological levels
* Improved scoring system performance when shooting at one target: more accurate counting and detailed statistics.
Game balance: Matchmaking
* Training Mode is now avaible for pilots without an extended license
Weapons and modules: General
* In preparation for updating the player’s development tree we removed the skill requirement for a few modules.
Weapons and modules: Railgun
* Increased projectil speed for 25%
Weapons and modules: Lasers
* Sniper Range is reduced by 10%
Weapons and modules: Class modules (F button)
* The damage from «Combat drones» and «Plasma Web» is now affected by the power of the basic weapons
* Changed the mechanics of «Desintegrator»:
-No more instant hits, the projectil needs some time to reach the target
-First damaging the shield and than the hull
-Increased rate of fire
Interface: General
* Added displaying the current faction and a mechanism to change to another
* Changed interface for the game chat
* Auto repair now repairs the ship and modules installed on the ship
* Result screen displays battlefield and debris found in the extraction of loot
* Now the extreme situation approaching the camera to ship is binoculars
Sound and music: General
* Improved configuration for tactical nuclear warhead
* Improved and added new sounds for the Hangar
* Improved and added new phrases in voice system
* Removed obscene expressions from remarks of commanders
* Refined sounds for Railguns
* Improved sound for capturing targets
Correction of errors
* Some bugs fixed pop-up notifications
* Fixed some bugs, which caused the game to crash
* Attempt to activate a blank slot no longer displays the missile attack planes of invisibility
Star Conflict - gameplay 1