Free-To-Play CryEngine 3-powered ‘SNOW’ To Be Showcased At Gamescom 2013

Poppermost Productions announced today that it will be at Gamescom this year to showcase SNOW, the first free-to-play, open-world winter sports game that gives players the chance to freely explore a massive mountain environment on skis or snowboard – alone or with friends.
As the press release reads, competitive players may take part in solo or multiplayer events and challenges all over the mountain to unlock special items and earn a place on global leaderboards. Throughout it all, players can customize their character through SNOW’s in-game store, with access to entire catalogues of over a dozen real-world brands. With the game set for an Alpha release later this year,
Unfortunately for most people, Poppermost will be demoing the game behind closed doors for preview purposes. In other words, don’t expect any footage for it to be revealed (unless of course someone leaks the demo walkthrough).
In addition to demonstrating the latest progress with the game, Poppermost will also delve deeper into their work with Crytek and CryENGINE 3 as an indie developer. Poppermost, which consists of a three-man team, will also provide unique insights into the challenges of bringing their open world game to life.
Furthermore, Poppermost has been able to cross industry lines to partner with the biggest winter sports athletes and brands.