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Free to play action RPG, Genshin Impact, releases on the PC on September 28th

miHoYo announced today that its latest open-world action RPG, Genshin Impact, will release on September 28th for PC. This upcoming free-to-play game will allow players to roam the vast lands of an exotic world alone or adventure with friends in cross-platform co-op mode.

Genshin Impact is an open-world Action RPG title that takes place in a massive fantasy continent of Teyvat. Teyvat will offer a lively open world, multiple characters, element-based combat and
exploration, and an engaging story. Players will take on the role of the mysterious traveler, setting off the voyage of finding their lost sibling. Players will also unravel the mysteries of
themselves and the world.

As a free-to-play online game , Genshin Impact enables players to explore Mondstadt and Liyue Harbor – two of the seven major cities in Teyvat – each with unique cultural ambience, stories,
vast surrounding landscapes full of diverse creatures and enemies, mysteries, and hidden treasures. Furthermore, the game will continue to expand with more cities, following stories, new characters and seasonal events.

Genshin Impact offers both the classic single-player mode and the cross-platform co-op mode for up to four players. Lastly, you can find some 4K screenshots from the PC version here.