Fortune Summoners slightly delayed, coming on January 24th

Indie 2D game, Fortune Summoners, was original supposed to get released today. Sadly, there will be a slight delayed and it’s now scheduled for a January 24th release on Steam. Fortune Summoners is a side-scrolling RPG/platformer, with you in control of one of three party members and the computer controlling the other two (with highly customizable AI dictating their actions). Players will explore towns, delve dungeons, climb towers and, just maybe, find Arche a snack or two.
Fortune Summoners was originally priced at $25 USD. Well, thankfully the developers decided to lower its price and although precise pricing is still being hashed out, it will be no higher than 20 USD and equivalents, and may end up being lower. Hell yeah!
Carpe Fulgur has also promised to release an updated demo on Steam once it is available!