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Former Valve dev: Steam was killing PC gaming, Epic is fixing it, 30% cut made Valve a lot of money

A lot has been said about the Epic Games Store and the fact that Epic Games has securing timed-exclusive titles for its digital store. And while the majority of PC gamers are really annoying by this exclusivity deals, a former Valve developer claimed that Steam’s 30% cut was unsustainable and that Epic Games is fixing it.

In a series of tweets, Richard Geldreich claimed that Steam was killing PC gaming with its 30% tax; a tax that was basically unsustainable. Still, this 30% cut made Valve a lot of money and also distorted the entire company (which could explain why Valve has not released any big PC game in the past few years).

Geldreich also predicts that Epic Games will most likely keep signing deal for a year or even more.

Last but not least, Geldreich agreed that the Epic Games Store currently lacks a lot of features, something that a lot of gamers criticized Epic Games for. And while Tim Sweeney’s company has been sniping multiple deals lately, it really needs to step up its game and add as many features as possible.