First Yakuza 0 mod released, removes Depth of Field, disables first-person blur and SSAO

Modder ‘Kaldaien’, best known for his amazing Special-K mod for NieR: Automata, has released the first mod for Yakuza 0. This first version of Special-K for Yakuza 0 allows players to disable first-person blur, Depth of Field and SSAO.

According to the modder, this mini-plugin for Special K will improve image quality as well as adding all the bells and whistles that come with Special K.

In future versions, Kaldaien aims to to fix the bloom filter and address the volume issues that can be noticed at the start of the game.

On a side note, and although there aren’t currently any, texture mods with Special K are currently unsupported due to some bizarre memory management problems in this game’s graphics engine.

Those interested can download the Special-K mod for Yakuza 0 from here!