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First screenshots, trailer and details for Ride 5

Milestone has just announced the latest chapter of its two-wheel racing simulation franchise, RIDE 5. RIDE 5 will release on August 24th, and below you can find its first screenshots, announcement trailer and details.

RIDE 5 will have a new career mode featuring a narrator and 10 rivals. A leaderboard will track progress through the career mode’s four main racing events, which will include various races to be completed before unlocking the next one. To spice up the competition, RIDE 5’s career mode will also feature 10 rivals with their own personalities, backgrounds, and distinctive looks. The game will also have a set of secondary challenges, raising the total number of playable events to over 200.

RIDE 5 will also have new single races. Endurance races will now support in-race save and rewind features to grant more control and flexibility over each session, while the single-race and time-trial game modes will be the perfect places to refine riding styles.

For the first time in the franchise, the game will have a dynamic weather system which will calculate track and air temperature in real-time to generate a realistic weather change during races. The sky system has also been changed, moving from a 2D technology based on real photos to 3D volumetric clouds. Now players can see clouds changing shape and interacting with the lighting based on their density.

RIDE 5 will also feature multiplayer modes. According to the devs, there will be support for online and split-screen modes.

Lastly, the game will have a race creator, as well as editors to customize their bikes, suits and helmets. Furthermore, the game will have an enhanced set of riding aids.


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RIDE5 Announcement Trailer