First Person Servers Postponed For Australian Battlegrounds [UPDATE]

Since it’s release in March Battlegrounds has added a very interesting game mode to the Asia and North America servers, first person. First Person servers did not come to OCE (Australia) and now we know why and why they won’t in the future ( not just yet).

Found on the games official subreddit, lead community manager Sammie King said that the Oceania Region won’t be gettting getting First Person servers due to it’s small player base.

“I’ve said it on Twitter but the truth is, current player base in OCE is too small for us to add another game mode,” Kang explained.

“We actively monitor data from different servers and game modes on a regular basis. Even if we consider players who are playing on other servers, the number is so small that it could mean (1) increased matchmaking time or (2) a small number of players in every session which can both result in negative player experience.”

For someone that regularly plays Battlegrounds I personally wouldn’t mind waiting an extra minute or two for a much more intense experience with First Person servers. I can also understand why Bluehole are playing this one very safe as there is a lot of people playing this game so judging how the community to responds to things such a minute or two wait time is hard.

I no doubt see Oceania servers acquiring the First Person server option in the future as the game grows, looking back to it’s exponential growth rate over the past months it probably won’t even be a long wait for OCE.

Source: Kotaku


PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS now supports first-person DUO servers for Australian players.

“We are pleased to announce that first-person only servers for DUO will now be available for players in Oceania. Starting from 3 pm KST / 3:30 pm ACST today, players will be able to enjoy FPP DUO on OCE servers. For SOLO and SQUAD, we plan to introduce FPP at a later stage when we have an increased user pool on OCE servers in order to ensure a pleasant experience for all Oceanic players.”