TRIALS of MANA feature 2

First Nude Mods released for Trials of Mana, completely stripping Angela and Riesz

Well, we all knew this was going to happen, right? The first nude mods for Square Enix’s latest RPG, Trials of Mana, are now available for download. These two nude mods completely strip Angela and Riesz.

Now as always, we won’t allow direct links to these mods. However, it’s really easy to find them. Moreover, you can find a “blue-ish” artistic take on the Angela NudeMOD by oscateexor that is currently present on NexusMods.

Unfortunately, these mods are not “perfect” yet. For instance, there aren’t any boob physics yet. As such, both Angela and Riesz feel too robotic with these mods. Still, I’m certain that newer versions of these nude mods will add soft body breast physics.

Lastly, there is also a nude mod for Harpy. However, that mod is still in an early development stage and introduces very polygonal boobs. I mean, it would be cool in a retro game like the first Tomb Raider, however, it does not look great in Trials of Mana.

Before closing, you can find some video for these nude mods on YouTube. Again, we won’t be directly linking to them (however we can point you to the YouTuber). I’m pretty sure that YouTube will take down his videos, so make sure to watch them while you still can.

Have fun!