First mod for Remedy’s Control lets you enable infinite hover, configure auto-aim parameters & more

Modder ‘reg2k’ has released the first proper mod for Remedy’s supernatural action adventure game, CONTROL. This mod basically allows you to take control of the game’s very large number of tweakable parameters.

According to the modder, Control has a very large number of configurable game settings. All tweakables have a default value, but but players can override them by specifying their value. Thus, this mod provides a template, empty tweakables.xml file in the correct path for you to specify new values for the tweakables you wish to modify.

Going into more details, it enables infinite hover for the Levitate ability. Moreover, it lets you modify the % of Source lost on death (default is 10%), as well as the button hold duration for hold-to-activate interactions. It also lets you control whether launchable objects should be highlighted in the HUD.

It’s also worth noting that this first mod allows you to configure auto-aim parameters like hit-zone radius and max range. It also lets you fine-tune Jesse’s prioritization for throwing back projectiles like grenades and missiles when using the Launch ability.

You will need to install the Loose File Loader for this mod. Once you’ve installed it, you can extract the contents of this mod to your Control installation directory.

Have fun!