First Greedfall mods enable gay/lesbian romance, increase party size, bring better compass and more

The first mods for Spiders’ latest action RPG, Greedfall, have surfaced online. Therefore, today we are presenting you a mod that enables gay and/or lesbian romance, a mod that increases the party size, another that introduces a better compass, and more.

Let’s start with the gay/lesbian romance mod. This mod allows you to romance Kurt if you have a male character, and Aphra if you have a female character. Do note that if you have a male character, you’ll have to install it before Kurt asks ‘Whether he ever felt lonely’. Similarly, you’ll have to install it before Aphra asks ‘Whether she often holds people at gunpoint’ if you have a female character.

The second mod we have for you is Slippery Slope. This mod aims to eliminate all the sliding caused from elevated terrain.
Thanks to this mod, you can even explore outside of the map. That is of course if you can find an area not riddled with invisible walls.

Magic Overhaul 1 Earth Elementalist allows you to become an Earth Elementalist. In other words, this mod changes the entire basic magic spells to Earth Elemental magics.

On the other hand, this mod allows you to increase or decrease your party size, and this mod introduces a better compass.

Lastly, the Camera overhaul mod aims to improve the game’s camera viewpoint. This mod increases the max multiplier of FOV slider from 1.5 to 2.0. It also removes camera bob, as well as the camera shake in combat. Furthermore, it disables the auto center on controller and normalizes most FOV changes.

There are also some Reshade mods, as well as some Cheats. Obviously, the Cheats will make the game easier. As such, we’ve decided to focus today on mods that can enhance your gameplay experience.

Have fun!