Avowed feature

First details for Obsidian’s Avowed; mod support, real-time weather, fully open world & more

Twitter user “Joe Sinister” has apparently leaked the first details for Obsidian’s upcoming RPG, Avowed. And, from the looks of it, this leak is legit as industry insider “Klobrille” has vouched for his credibility.

According to Joe Sinister, Avowed will be a fully open-world game. Its map will be “denser” and “more contrasted” at the same time than the one for Skyrim. Moreover, the game will have real-time weather and very advanced character creation tool.

Additionally, Avowed will come have a big focus on world-reactivity. Not only that, but it will have advanced lighting, as well as next-gen AI systems and physics.

What’s also great – at least for PC gamers – is that the game will support mods. This is a huge deal as modders have supported Skyrim for years.

Avowed will be fully respecting POE creatures lore with new additions, and will have dynamic presentation of dialogue. It will also have bosses, very large number of fractions, and will allow you to have companions.

Avowed was one of the most interesting new games that were announced during Microsoft’s Xbox July event. And, according to the leaker, Obsidian plans to release Avowed in late 2022/early 2023.

Below you can find all the details that Joe Sinister has shared.

Avowed First Details Leaked

  • fully open world, much much larger than Skyrim (very differently “larger”, more proper word would be “denser” and “more contrasted” at the same time)
  • primarily set in the The Living Lands region of Eora (not sure if it’ll go like that as explicit later on, but that was starting point)
  • big focus on world-reactivity, lighting and next-gen AI systems and physics (special focus on physics with magic systems – have no clue what would that mean)
  • real-time weather system (don’t have full details but fog is very important as realtime element, rivers will have specific micro physics systems regarding this)
  • very advanced character creation tool (didn’t get more info)
  • mod support (for now PC is/will be very dominant as creation tool, but I’ll be playable fully on Xbox)
  • very large number of fractions but very different approach than with Skyrim
  • you’ll be able to have companions (different than Outer Worlds)
  • storyset: fight against incoming threat of tyranny (independent from previous stories)
  • game has bosses planned and some of them are very very large
  • Gods will have special say in the game
  • great focus on iconic landmarks, statues and buildings
  • two large cities planned with many smaller ones with strong focus on contrasting wild-areas, rivers, mountains and desolated areas (yes, you’ll be able to swim)
  • fully respecting POE creatures lore with new additions
  • dynamic presentation of dialogue
  • for now idea is to keep “you can kill everyone in the game” option
  • around 100 people are on the project for 2y (smaller number for 7m of preproduction), in total 2y 7m
  • full production is already a thing
  • team will still grow
  • target date: late 2022/early 2023