Square Enix officially confirms Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition production cancellation

Things are not looking particularly great for Final Fantasy XV as Square Enix announced that the team behind it, Luminous Productions, has started focusing on creating a new game. Not only that, but three of the four planned DLCs have been officially cancelled and Hajime Tabata has left the team, meaning that Luminous Productions will stop developing content for Final Fantasy XV.

Even though Square Enix did not reveal whether the promised modding tools or the Vulkan support (alongside DLSS) have been cancelled, there is reason to worry here. The promised modding tools require a lot of R&D before releasing them and with Luminous focusing on a new triple-A title, we can assume that it will not dedicate enough personal to complete them and release them. After all, Tabata was the big force behind them and with him gone, there is no guarantee we’ll ever see them.

Moreover, NVIDIA may not even pressure Square Enix in order to implement Vulkan and DLSS support to the final game. After all, the official benchmark tool already supports DLSS so technically there is a version of FFXV out there that already supports it (it’s not representative of the game’s performance but that’s irrelevant to both NVIDIA and Square Enix at this point).

For what it’s worth, the level editor was meant to come out in Fall 2018. 2018 is almost over and Square Enix did not provide any update (for these tools) on yesterday’s stream event.

All in all, things are not looking great for Final Fantasy XV PC. And while we’re really looking forward to what Luminous Productions can achieve (perhaps we’ll get a game that looks as good as the Agni’s Philosophy tech demo), we’re really disappointed if the mod tools and the DLSS support have been dropped alongside the game’s future DLCs!


Square Enix has confirmed that the PC production has been cancelled, meaning that we won’t be getting anything new on the PC (apart from the Ardyn DLC). This means that the possible ray tracing reflections are not going to happen. This could also mean, since the PC production has been officially cancelled, that the promised modding tools, Vulkan API and DLSS support will not be coming to the PC version. The Ardyn DLC is planned for a March 2019 release.