Final Fantasy XIV – Patch 1.18 Is Out Now

Square Enix released yesterday a massive patch for their MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV. Among other things, this patch adds new quests & spells and features a reworked combat (auto-attack), UI adjustments and some bug fixes. The patch notes are literally huge so if you want to know what exactly has been changed, take a deep breath and head over to the game’s forum. We’ve included the bug fixes that this patch contains and can be viewed after the jump.
Bug Fixes
•The following issues have been addressed:
•Players being able to fish in areas not suitable for fishing in certain dungeons in the Black Shroud.
•The Prince of Pestilence and the Bomb Baron dropping the wrong items.
•Items such as paralyzing powder not being removed from a player’s inventory after being used but having no effect.
•Players not targeting anything automatically targeting a PC who uses an action on them.
•Players receiving extra TP when using an action in conjunction with a normal attack while receiving the Comrade in Arms effect.
•A journal update message appearing twice after talking to the five NPCs in the sidequest “Seeing the Seers.”
•The macro palette remaining open when pressing Ctrl after using the macro to identify a subtarget.
•Text macro not properly working in conjunction with certain actions.
•Lalafell graphics not displaying properly.
•Incorrect levequest name and objectives being displayed.
•Erroneous NPC messages.
•The following item names have been changed (please adjust macros accordingly):
Canvas Half Apron (Black) -> Velveteen Half Apron (Black)
Bronze Magnifiers (Red) -> Brass Magnifiers (Red)
•The help text for Sentinel has been changed.