Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age mod completely unlocks the framerate, offers Field of View options

Modder ‘Drahsid’ has released a new mod for Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age that completely unlocks its framerate. This mod/program also comes with other goodies such as the ability to change the field of view, gamma, and in game multiplier rates to whatever you want.

By default, Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age is locked at 60fps. And while this is more than acceptable for a lot of gamers (it’s not as awful as locking the framerate at 30fps), we are pretty sure that those with higher refresh rate monitors would love to play this Final Fantasy at higher framerates. As such, and thanks to this mod, you can get framerates as high as your system can produce. This program gives you full control over the in-game framerate and you can even lower it and lock it at lower framerates.

This mod also allows players to change the Field of View to whatever they like and you can even lower it if you want a good closeup. There are also options to modify the game’s gamma, control the in-game multiplier, and the mod even offers multiple options for how you want your mouse or controller input to scale based on the in-game multiplier.

Those interested can download the Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age framerate/field of view mod from here.

Have fun!