Final Fantasy 8 receives a HD remaster treatment thanks to this AI-enhanced HD Texture Pack

Two days ago, we informed you about an AI-enhanced Texture Pack for Final Fantasy 7. And today, I’m happy to report that Final Fantasy 8 has also received a HD remaster treatment thanks to another AI-enhanced Texture Pack that has been released for it. 

Created by modder ‘blippyp’, this Graphical Update mod for Final Fantasy VIII updates all of the background files for the game by using a GAN the modder trained to generate the images.

Going into more details, while the current GAN model that the modder used has only been training for about 130K iterations so far using a rather limited image store to learn from, the end results are very promising.

“What previously would of taken me months to complete, I could now accomplish in less than a day using the GAN I trained and basically doing it all at once. This mod is the results of doing that. Nothing has been done to the images so far, this is simply what my GAN produced for all the background images.”

Do note that this is a beta release, meaning that some backgrounds may not be properly remastered as the process tends to not work well with some images, and in some situations leaves a ‘checkered line’ mark on some backgrounds. The modder also expects some graphical issues/glitches with the game’s visual effects.

“I am releasing this simply in case some people would like to play with it, but mostly to get feedback on where issues are in the game so that I can more easily locate and correct those issues. So please, if you find a screen that obviously isn’t right, I would love to know about it.”

To use this mod (that you can download from here), players will need Tonberry and hashmaps. You can find both of these mods from the Qhimm Forums and you’ll have to overwrote the AngelWing textures with these new ones.

Below you can find some screenshots from the remastered backgrounds!