Fifa 12 sells 5 million copies in its first month

I bet that Electronic Arts is quite satisfied with their annual soccer’s sales, given the fact that Fifa 12 has managed to sell five million copies in its first month. Peter Moore has told investors in an overnight earnings call that consumers interest was remarkable and we can’t really argue with that. In addition, 8 million copies have been sold to the retailers so far, a number that is in fact half of the 16 million shipped in the game’s lifetime.
Peter Moore said:
“Around the globe, the consumer reaction to FIFA 12 has been remarkable. 5 million consumers purchased this latest iteration so far, the best reviewed sports game of this current console generation. And with those big sales numbers, FIFA 12 is doing unprecedented levels of online engagement,” said Moore. “Four weeks into the launch, we have hosted 271 million online games, an increase of 105 per cent over last year. Fans are currently playing an average of 94 million minutes per day of FIFA 12 online. These numbers can be confusing so let me provide some context.”
He also added that the game still generates a great amount of revenue:
“One month after FIFA 12 launched in stores, the game is still on the console tray and thus still generating incremental revenue. Players are rewriting our assumptions about their traditional decay curve. They’re playing longer, they’re more engaged and they are eager to spend in order to extend the experience.”
And concluded later on that:
“On the disc and online, FIFA 12 is truly an incredible achievement, and my congratulations go to our FIFA team in Vancouver.”
Well done EA Sports and kudos for providing a great PC version this time around.