Fifa 12 – Player Impact Engine Detailed

EA Sports released a new video in which Aaron McHardy, Fifa 12’s Lead Gameplay Producer, explains and details the benefits of the new Player Impact Engine. According to McHardy, the previous collision system was very good but kind of limited. As a result of that, when two players were running into one another in Fifa 11 the development team had to choose one contact and collision animation, even if there were a lot of contacts. With the new player impact engine, you can see each and every one collision and contact between these two players.
Moreover, the Player Impact Engine will improve and finally resolve the various collisions and clipping issues of the game. In previous Fifa’s you could easily notice some hands clipping through shoulders or legs clipping through other players’ bodies. With the Player Impact Engine, each and every collision is calculated and counted. Great news indeed as this clipping issue was something we’ve always hated in both Fifa and PES.
As a result of the afforementioned features, collisions are more varied this time around. You won’t get ‘those’ robotic animations we’re accustomed all those years. Furthermore, this year’s Fifa will feature realistic behaviours with the contextual dribble turns. This means that some players might get slightly knocked or go down from the deffender when trying passing them. This adds to the game’s atmosphere and shows how dynamic the game will be.
Fifa 12 is scheduled for release this year on almost all consoles and PC. PC gamers should keep an eye for some juicy news in July about the PC version!
FIFA 2011 player impact engine HD game trailer - PS3 X360 Wii DS PS2 3DS