Ferrari Virtual Academy: Complete + Adrenaline Packs Released

Ferrari’s first online virtual simulator that is developed in collaboration with the drivers of the Scuderia Ferrari, Alonso, Massa and Fisichella, as well as its engineers, has been released and is available for purchase from its official website. The game comes in two versions; the Complete and the Adrenaline Pack.
The Complete Pack features three cars – F10, Ferrari 150° Italia and 458 Challenge – and three tracks – Fiorano, Mugello and Nurburgring – whereas the Adrenaline Pack features two cars and one stage.
The Complete Pack is priced at 19.90 euros and the Adrenaline Pack is priced at 9.90 euros.
Last but not least, Ferrari Virtual Academy supports Nvidia’s 3D Vision, Track IR, Matrox TripleHead2Go and most of the PC racing wheels that are currently available!

Ferrari Virtual Academy online simulator revealed